Inline Dimmer Demonstration Video for Panorama Actinic Blue LED

A short demonstration video of the fingertip control featured on our Panorama Actinic Blue LED lights. Why limit your aquarium experience to just dawn and dusk lighting, with the simple turn of a dial you can adjust the intensity of the Panorama Actinic Blue to create eye popping mood setting effects.

Having a predominant peak wavelength of 445 nm the Panorama Actinic Blue provides your corals not only the spectrum for producing visually stunning colors, but the wavelength nature has selected for energy and growth. The intense shimmering blue stimulates the natural vibrant fluorescent colors in coral and fish, creating a whole new visual dimension. Now you don't have invest in expensive photo editing software to get your corals to pop.

Adding the proper amount and type of blue light is known to be the one of the most important ingredients to getting your corals to color up and stay colored up. Due to the high levels of PAR in the Panorama Actinic Blue, achieving lasting vibrant coloration in your corals has never been easier. Panorama Actinic Blue LEDs are available in 24", 36" and 48" lengths.

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