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What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal

Where can I buy Ecoxotic products?

You can purchase Ecoxotic products directly from this site, from an Authorized Online Dealer, or use our Dealer Locator to find an Authorized Dealer near you.

Can I order over the phone?

Absolutely, please contact customer service at 877-ECOXTIC (877-326-9842.)

Can I place an order via FAX?

No, at this time we do not accept orders via fax, but you can place your order online where you can easily track your shipment. Simply add the item you’d like to purchase to your shopping cart and check out.

Do you accept will call orders?

At this time, we do not not accept will-call orders.

How do I speak with a customer service rep?

First, please check out the many resources available on this website. You will find answers to most questions right here in the FAQ’s. We also maintain a vibrant Community area where you can get very specific help from industry experts and serious hobbyists alike. Most technical questions can be answered by reviewing the spec sheets available on every product page. If you still have questions, please contact customer service for order information at 877-ECOXTIC (877-326-9842) or our technical support at 760-727-7285.

How can I contact Ecoxotic?

You may contact us via this Online Question Form or contact customer service at 877-ECOXTIC (877-326-9842) for ordering information.

Can you mail/email/fax me instructions/brochures?

We make every effort to make all product information, including detailed spec sheets and instructions available for download here on our website. This allows you to find the info you need without the harm to the environment from printing and shipping thousands of brochures and hand-outs. Spec Sheets are available on every product page and you can find a complete list of Product Manuals here.

How do you pronounce your company name?

Ecoxotic is pronounced “eh-ko-zotic” or “ee-ko-zotic”. We commonly are mis-spelled as Ecooxtic , Exoxotic , Exocotic , eco xotic , eco exotic , exoxotic , ecoxtic , ecozotic , Ecoxotics , Ecoexotic , ecoxotica .

Do you ship product outside the USA?

Ecoxotic does not ship product directly to consumers outside the USA.  We recommend contacting one of our online authorized dealers or the nearest international dealer.

How do I track my purchase from Where do I find the tracking number?

A tracking number for your order was emailed to the address you provided at the time of purchase. If you no longer have that email, you can login to your Ecoxotic account to track your order, manage your wish lists and more.

How soon will my order ship?

All orders received by 11:00AM PST will go out the next business day.

Can I pay extra for expedited shipping?

At this time we do not offer any forms of expedited shipping.

How do I track my return? When will the replacement ship?

A tracking number is emailed to you upon shipment You may also log into your account to view your order detail.

How do I exchange a product?

Fill out a Return/Repair/Exchange form here.

How can I contact Ecoxotic?

If you purchased your product directly from Ecoxotic, you may fill out a return form here and you will get an email with detailed instructions on how to complete your return/exchange. If you purchased your Ecoxotic product from another retailer, please contact them directly for their return requirments. You may view our complete Return Policy here.

What is your warranty?

Items Defective within one year of purchase date on receipt, simply fill out our Return/Exchange/Repair form here on our website and you’ll get an email with a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number, and details on how to ship your defective part, or entire product, back to us at no charge. Then we will send out a replacement part, or unit, to you as quickly as possible – also at no charge.

How do I register my product?

You can register online. It is fast and easy and activates your warranty. You will need your 13-digit serial number from your product found on your shipping order or stamped on the left-hand side of your fixture.

How do I become an authorized Ecoxotic dealer?

Fill out our Dealer Interest Form and we will be in touch very soon.

How do I find an authorized Ecoxotic dealer?

You can find Authorized Ecoxotic Dealers near you using our Dealer Locator.

Why should I buy from an authorized dealer?

Purchasing from an Authorized Ecoxotic Dealer ensures you are covered under the manufacturers warranty. Our Authorized Dealers have been carefully selected based on their commitment to customer experience and knowledge on our products. Only products purchased from an Authorized Dealer carry our full warranty. Find an Ecoxotic Authorized Dealer.

Where can I go to see an Ecoxotic product in action?

You can search for an Authorized Ecoxotic Dealer near you.

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