LED Lighting on a 125 gallon

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I'm looking to upgrade from t5's to LED's on my 125 gallon tank (72x18x20). What would you recommend best solution for this? 3 Panorama fixtures? Would I need stunner lights to supplement these and also do these fixtures have a lunar mode? And what would you recommend the mounting height on the tank for even distribution?



Dear Mxnick887,

Thank you so much for contacting Ecoxotic and showing interest in our LED products.

Yes for your size aquarium we would recommend using three of our 24" Panorama Pro LED fixtures with the tank mount option:

You really would not need to supplement these with any type of Stunner LED strip, they provide plenty of light for a tank of your size for SPS and LPS corals, as well as clams. The fixtures do not have a lunar mode, this would be something you would want to add aftermarket. The tank mount kit will mount the fixtures 3" above the tank for even distribution.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

The Ecoxotic Team

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