12 gal. JBJ retrofit

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I am planning on swapping out my stock pc's and replacing with two Panorama Pro white/blue combo's. I am concerned that the lighting may be too intense and was wondering if the inline dimmer would be a solution? Would I attach the two modules together with a 2-way splitter and then add the dimmer between the lights and the transformer?

Also, would a combo of one w/b and one blue be better than two w/b's? I am looking for a clean bright look with a tint of blue capable of growing all corals and clams.

Thank you,


Dear Jeff,

Thank you so much for contacting Ecoxotic and showing interest in our LED products.

If your going to add two Panorama Pro Modules, we would definitely recommend purchasing the inline dimmer. It's a fair amount of light for this size tank, but the dimmer will solve any issues you have with being too bright.

We would highly recommend going with one 12K White/445nm Blue and one 445nm Blue module - the combination is very crisp and will really keep your corals and clams colorful.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

The Ecoxotic Team

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