Stunner Strips for reef Tanks?

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Hi I was wondering if I got Stunner strips and did a retrofit for my 29gallon nano.. would the Stunner strips be adequate enough to grow reef? Sps, Fps and any kind of anenome's or would I need some other lighting and what would you suggest so I could grow anything

Dear Wes,

Thank you for contacting Ecoxotic and showing interest in our LED products.

This is an extremely popular question and we have hundreds of hobbyists who have already done this install. For a 29 gallon high light level nano, we recommend the following:

1 x Panorama Pro Module 12K White/445nm Blue
1 x Panorama Pro Module 445nm Blue
1 x 2-way Splitter
1 x 60 watt Transformer

The above combination will provide enough light to grow any types of corals in your aquarium. You can find all of these products here:

The Ecoxotic Team

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