Common Nano-Aquarium FAQ's

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Here's a short list of our most common LED Nano-Aquarium FAQ's:

How easy is it to retrofit LEDs into my nano-aquarium?
It's extremely easy to install our LED's into any nano aquarium by following these simple steps.
1. Remove the plastic lens from your hood
2. Remove the compact fluorescent lamps from the sockets
3. Remove the lamp clips from the reflector
4. If using Stunner LED Strips - simply use the 3M adhesive tape with each Stunner and attach it directly to the reflector. If using a Panorama Pro Module, simply drill two small holes through the reflector and mount the module to it using the included screws.
5. Run the low voltage cable through the back of your hood and replace the plastic splash lens.

Can I completely remove my stock lighting with LEDs?
Yes, our LEDs can completely replace the stock lamps included with your nano-aquarium. LED lighting runs cooler, is extremely energy efficient and can last up to 10 years - meaning no more lamps to replace.

Do I still need to run my cooling fans?
We always recommend keeping the fans installed in your aquarium, however properly installed, you likely will not need to run the fans.

Can I mount the LEDs directly onto the plastic lens?
Even though Ecoxotic LEDs are water resistant, they are not designed to be used underwater or in a location where they are constantly exposed to water. The heat sinks are made from aluminum, so they will pit over time. We always recommend installing them under the plastic lens of your tank.

Can I keep SPS corals and Tridacna clams?
Absolutely - our Panorama Pro LED Modules provide plenty of PAR and color to keep SPS stony corals and clams.

How do I increase the shimmer effects in my nano?
Shimmer is caused by combination of water surface movement and a point source light. To increase shimmer with LEDs, simply point your return nozzle more towards the surface or add a small wave pump to increase circulation. The more surface water movement, the more shimmer.

Can I mount the lights directly to the metal reflector?
Absolutely - the metal reflector actually adds additional heat sink material - it will help keep your LEDs and nano-aquarium cool.

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