Panorama pro upgrade for a Biocube 29

Originally from ticket #383.

What would be the ideal addition to my stock BC 29? I was contemplating the 12k/453nm combo, but am open to all suggestions. Could a panorama pro combo and a blue stunner strip work together?



Dear Rob,

Thank you for contacting Ecoxotic. As it turns out, we normally do not recommend adding LED lights to the stock lighting in a Biocube. The stock lighting runs extremely hot and will prematurely degrade the LEDs, shortening their lifespan.

Most Biocube hobbyists simply replace their stock lighting with two Panorama Pro Modules - one 12K White/445nm Blue and one 445nm Blue/Magenta. This combination provides the ability for dawn/dusk control, produces plenty of light for all corals, and is 20-30% brighter than the stock lighting included with your Biocube.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

The Ecoxotic Team

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