Hi. I have a biocube 29 with 36 w actinic and 36 w 10000k bulbs. I was looking at adding a stunn...

Hi. I have a biocube 29 with 36 w actinic and 36 w 10000k bulbs. I was looking at adding a stunner strip or two to make my corals stand out a bit more. I have mainly green coral but also some red, blue and orange. What colour stunners do you recommend and one strip or two? I don't want to change the co our of the tank too much - just make the corals pop.

Whilst looking, I saw your panorama modules. If I replaced my 36 w 10000k with a similar panorama and the actinic with another, how would that compare to the stock biocube lighting in terms of PAR and ability to sustain coral?



Dear Hobbyist,

Thank you so much for contacting Ecoxotic and showing interest in our products.

The Stunner LED strips and Panorama Pro Modules are very popular for BioCube aquariums and we have hundreds of hobbyists who have done this exact retrofit.

If you just want to add color and pop to your corals, we would recommend adding one of our 445nm Blue or 445nm Blue/Magenta Stunner LED strips. Either Stunner Strip will work just fine.

If you want to replace your stock lighting, simply add one 12K White/445nm Blue Panorama Pro module and one 445nm or 445nm/Magenta Module. Using two modules will provide approximately 30-40% more light than your stock lighting - which will be plenty for any type of SPS coral.

We hope that you find this information beneficial. You will also find many articles full of helpful information on our Ecoxotic website community support section! Your question(s) may already be answered there.


Technical Support
The Ecoxotic Team

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