Adding LEDs to RSM 130D T5s

I am interested in adding 2 Exoxtic panorama Pros and 1 stunner strip to my RSM 130D stock T5s. I'm planning on installing the stunner strip between the T5 bulbs in the canopy and mounting the panorama pros outside of the clear cover that protects then bulbs.

What accessories would I need to make this setup work?

We actually do not recommend adding our Panorama Pros to existing T5 or compact fluorescent lamp powered all-in-one hoods for two reasons:

1. The Panorama Pro Modules are IP65 rated and water resistant, however they are not waterproof or corrosion proof and therefore must be mounted to the hood and protected with the clear lens of your existing hood.

2. The heat generated from the existing fluorescent lamps will degrade the lifespan of the LEDs and will cause them to prematurely fail.

For all-in-one aquariums such as this, we only recommend replacing your existing lights with our modules. In this size tank with SPS corals, we recommend:
1 x Panorama Pro 12K/Blue Module
2 x Panorama Pro 445nm Blue or 445nm Blue/Magenta
1 x 3-way splitter
1 x 60 watt transformer

You can learn more about these products here:

Panorama Pro LED Modules


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