Linking Panorama Pro Modules and Stunner LED Strips

I currently have two 12" Stunners linked and running off one supply that was purchased with the Stunners. If I were to purchase a Panorama Pro, could I run that off the power supply that I purchased with the Stunners? And could I just link up the Pro and replace one of the existing Stunners and keep that same set up. Basically, just adding the Pro in place of one of the Stunners?

There are two things you'll need to look at:
-The wattage of your power supply (it will be written on the power supply)
-The total watts of your LED strips

Assuming your using 12.5" LED strips, they draw 6 watts each. Using two of them would be 12 watts total. The Panorama Pro is 19 watts, therefore the total wattage is 31 watts. As long as your power supply is 30 watts or higher, you'll be just fine. And yes, you can link the Panorama Pro to the Stunner LED strips.

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