Panorama Pro LED Modules and Reef Keeper Lite System Controller

I want to have a couple of panorama pros (1xWhite/Blue and 1xBlue) in my 16G tank in order to be able to have all types of corals (sounds too much light?). In addition, I want to be able to control lighting using a ReefKeeper Controller. From my research, I could see that your recommendation is to use a MeanWell driver since the Panorama Pros originally can't work with controller. If that's the case, I want to clarify if I shouldn't be buying the 60W transformer but buy the Meanwell driver instead (the original transformer wouldn't be required). Also, what is the Part Number for the Meanwell driver? Or should I buy it on the market?

The Panorama Pro's work fine with the Reef Keeper controller - its the driver which must be compatible with your specific controller. The ReefKeeper is only designed for LED drivers with a 0-10V interface, therefore the Meanwell driver is what we recommend. The driver most hobbyists use is the ELN60-24D. This is the only driver/transformer you will need and we do sell this driver on our website here:

Dimmable Remote 60 watt LED Driver

We also have a tip sheet for connecting a remote LED driver to the ReefKeeper controller for download here:

Connecting DA ReefKeeper to Dimmable LED Drivers

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