9-12k/3blue led panorama module

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I just received my panorama module freshwater kit. Although I am very impressed with the light output and size of the module, I noticed it was different than the one I thought I was ordering.

Your website shows that the freshwater kit should have 8-6500k/4-453nm blue LEDs, but this one only has 3 blue LEDs and 9 12000k LEDs (at least written on the box it came in model #8203).

Is this normal? Is it possible to get the module that is shown on your site? I was hoping to have as much blue as I could on this module, and I am concerned with possible algae in my low tech tank if these are 12000k lights.

I could not really tell if the white LEDs are in fact 12000k (didn't seem as white as I expected for 12000k) but then again, I am not that good with differentiating color temps.

Once again, I am very pleased with this product, but it would be great if I could get the module shown on the site.



Dear Hobbyist,

Thank you for contacting Ecoxotic and purchasing the Freshwater LED Kit. The LEDs in this strip are actually 6500K, not 12K. We apologize for the mis-marked box. We have changed the modules to a slight less blue as most freshwater enthusiasts prefer more 6500K for strong plant growth.

The Ecoxotic Team

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