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I want to supplement my 6 light ATI fixture with some Panorama Pros.I would like some shimmer and "pop". At the Seattle show this summer one of your reps suggested the magenta/blue combo. One of your support posts suggested 12000K whites if shimmer was the desired goal and that 2 Pros would do the job. Will the magenta/blue give me shimmer and "pop"? Are 2 enough as supplements on 48" tank? Does the fact that these are the first 2 fixtures in eventually all LED system influence which I choose? Thanks, Steve

Dear Steve,

Thank you for contacting Ecoxotic and showing interest in our LED products.

As a general guideline - the white LED lights produce the most shimmer while blue wavelengths provide the most "pop". If your looking for an LED strip which does both, the best solution is the 12K White/445nm Blue Panorama Pro modules. The Magenta/Blue combo will produce a higher amount of "pop", however will not shimmer as much was the white/blue module. The combination color module is by far the most popular for your application and is extremely popular!

The Ecoxotic Team

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