I am thinking of converting my metal halide and attinc floresents to your new 48" stunners. My ta...

I am thinking of converting my metal halide and attinc floresents to your new 48" stunners. My tank is 72X18X18. What do you suggest and how many. My lights are mounted in a hood and I use cooling fans. Im hoping to be able to turn off the fans which use a bunch of electricity and are too loud for my taste. Until this weekend, I had never heard of your product but saw one at That Fish Place in Lancaster, Pa.

Dear Mr. Bishop,

Thank you for contacting Ecoxotic and showing interest in our LED products.

If you currently have metal halides and fluorescents, the Stunner LED strips would not work for your application. The Stunner LED strips are designed more for accent light, color enhancing or fish only aquariums - not for a large reef tank such as yours. The only products we have for your tank would be our Panorama Pro LED Modules:

These are more of a halide/fluorescent lamp and would work much better for you.

The Ecoxotic Team

Thank you for your advice. I took a look at the panorama modules and have a couple questions. What do you suggest as a replacment for my current lighting in your panorama line. My metal halides are two 175W 12000K bulbs and two 48" fluorencent attinics. Do they only come in 12" strips. If so, how many would I need. I see you have 12000K white which is what I would think I would need but not sure how many. Like I said before, Im looking to eliminate the need for the cooling fans inside the hood. Also, do you recommend the reflectors? I read that they were not the best as they cause a seperation of the light that isnt the greatest effect.

Dear Mr. Bishop,

Although many companies market LEDs as a "direct" metal halide replacement, they are not. The spread and color spectrum are completely different, so we normally do not make any recommendations to directly replace a metal halide.

Your aquarium is quite shallow, so the Panorama Pro LED modules will work just fine. With it being shallow, we would not recommend reflectors, you simply will not need them and they are normally used for deeper tanks. On a 72" tank, we would recommend using ~12-15 modules, depending upon what species of coral your growing at the bottom. We are big advocate of "less is more" with LED lighting, so starting with 12 modules would be a good start - using 6 of our 12K White/445nm Blue and 6 of the 445nm Blue/Magenta modules. With this set up, you would need 3x3-way splitters and 3x60w transformers - this is a complete system and would give you dawn/dusk control.

The Ecoxotic Team

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