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Hi Ecoxotic: My name is Doug Kelly. I have a 220 gal. reef aquarium. I have a closed custom canopy on top of the tank with a "chimney" to let hot air escape with three(3) 400 watt MH fixtures. I am trying to supplement my lighting with a 6 watt stunner strip; I just purchased from your company. In the instructions it says to keep away from excessive heat. I am concerned about that and may have to return the lights. What would you consider to be the hottest environment these lights can function WITHOUT and issues? I was thinking about hanging them from the top of the canopy and NOT connect them to the outside of the MH fixture. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Dkelly,

Thank you so much for contacting Ecoxotic and showing interest in our LED products.

We normally do not recommend the strips exceeding a temperature of 130 degrees. You'll notice the aluminum heat sink fade in color if they are getting too warm. As along as they are attached to the top inside of your canopy and not to the halide fixture itself, they should work just fine.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

The Ecoxotic Team

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