I have a 29 gallon bio-cube with stock PC lighting and I think your stunner strips look like they...

I have a 29 gallon bio-cube with stock PC lighting and I think your stunner strips look like they would add some great additional lighting so that I can grow sps better. My question is, how many strips would I need in addition to the stock to be successful? I don't want to blind/bleach everything with too much light. Would 1 be plenty, or would I need more? What color strip is suggested as an addition to standard daylight and actinic like I have? I'm leaning toward the white blue combo, but your video said magenta brings out other colors in zoas (which I have a ton of) and other corals) Would 1 magenta and 1 white/blue combo be over kill? How would I run the wires through my stock hood? Also, do you know how well a clam would do under your LEDs? Thanks!!!

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you so much for contacting Ecoxotic and showing interest in our LED products.

Our Stunner LED strips are very popular for this application and have been used for quite some time to accent colors in Biocube reef aquariums. We would recommend the 445nm Royal Blue strip - its by far the most popular Stunner LED strip we sell and will really enhance the coloration in your corals! They are very easy to install - you can simply run the wires through the stock hood and attach the Stunner LED strip to the reflector.

If your keeping a Tridacna clam - you may want to consider using one of the 445nm Blue Panorama Pro Modules. These are also very popular for Biocubes - they just penetrate deeper than a Stunner strip and will work better for a clam.

The Ecoxotic Team

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    Does the 445nm Royal Blue provide the UV light needed for photosynthesis in anemones and corals?

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