Can I use a mix of stunner LED strips only on my 14 biocube? What would you suggest as far as how...

Can I use a mix of stunner LED strips only on my 14 biocube? What would you suggest as far as how many and what colors?

Dear Hobbyist,

Thank you for contacting Ecoxotic and showing interest in our LED products.

The Stunner strips work excellent in Biocube aquariums. We normally recommend using one of our 8K White/453nm Blue and one 445nm Blue Stunner strips inside the Biocube 14 hood.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

The Ecoxotic Team

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    Avant Garde

    My perception of this question is this person may be asking if they can use stunner strips only in their 14 gallon biocube.  Removing the current lighting system.  Will there be enough light from a combination of stunners to properly sustain coral from these stunner strips?

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    Nick Wecker

    I can tell you yes there will be. They dont suggest using stock lights with there products because of heat. It can damage the led housings. I have the 2 stunners they recomend, except i went with magenta blue instead of just blue, and i have the 8k/blue. So still 2 strips, and i am so happy with color, and growth of exactly the coral you describe, plus some acans, and softies. Great growth. Great shimmer.

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    Good day. I have ordered two 12" stunners -8000k white and 12000k/453nm - and accessories including the polished reflector for each - to replace the 7" compact fluorescent fixture with 13 watt 50-50 bulb in my 12 gallon Marineland Eclipse hood. The compact fl bulbs are hard to find and do not last, and the salt destroys the fixture itself within 18 months. The room with the tank receives tons of sunlight and the tank itself receives indirect reflected sunlight all day long. My corals have always thrived for more than 5 years now. Will the two 12" stunners be enough light in my 12 gallon tank to replace the single 13 w 7" compact fluorescent? Thank you.

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