1st Generation panorama fixture dimmable from a controller?

Originally from ticket #715.

Is there any way to make the old panoramas fixtures dimmable from a controller (Reefkeeper in my case) in order to simulate a full day light cycle (sunrise and sunset) . I have 2 23" on my Solana XL67 and would like to add this feature to my setup.

Dear Miguel,

Yes, this can be done. You would simply replace the stock drivers in the Panorama fixture with Meanwell ELN-60-24d dimmable drivers. Each fixture would simply require two drivers.

The Ecoxotic Team

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    Sandra Rattray

    Dear Ecoxotic Team - I had the same thanks for the answer.   As a non-electrician, replacing the stock driver with the Meanwell driver sounds challenging.  How is that done ?   ...and can this also be done with the retrofit units (I have 3 of those too)?

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    Mariano Paulino

    Hello Hear Ecoxotic Team, I have also 2  23" panorama LED fixture (Generation 1) can you please tell me all the Equipment I need to purchase,how many drivers i need for my 2 LED panorama, the driver going to work with Simple OneTouch LED Controller...thank you

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